(713) שבתאי
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Saturn is the astrological key to change, evolution, and in the modern day systems, finance and business.  Saturn's effect on a horoscope is dependent on its astrological orientation.  Some may regard Saturn as an undesirable influence simply due to its focus on the material rather than the emotional or spiritual, but when Saturn is present within the context of favourable aspects, it can be a healthy balance for those who might otherwise be too inclined toward spirituality to give equal attention to mundane affairs.

The planet itself is named after the Roman god of time, Saturn.  The planetary symbol for Saturn is exactly the opposite of the symbol for Jupiter; for Saturn, the circular arc of spiritual potential is subordinated by the cross of material existence (the four elements).  This symbolism is also reflected in the planetary symbol for Mars.

The zodiacal colour of Saturn is black, the same as that of its corresponding kabbalistic sefirah (divine emanation), Binah (Understanding).  Lead (L:  plumbum; Heb:  avar) is the alchemical metal associated with Saturn.

The day of the week corresponding to Saturn is Saturday; in modern Romance languages, Saturday is identified with the Sabbath:

Spanish:  sàbado
French:  samedi

Saturnian Planetary attributes
diameter (km) 120 536
mass (kg) 5.68 x 1026
density (g/cm3) 0.69
surface gravity (g) 0.916
escape velocity (km/s) 35.5
atmosphere H2, He
category jovian
surface temp (avg) K (88)
orbital properties
distance from sun (km) 1 429 400 000
axial obliquity 26.73°
rotational period 10 h 48 m
orbital period 29 y 167 d 6 h
orbital eccentricity 0.06
ecliptic inclination 2.49°
mean orbital velocity (km/s) 9.66