(48) כוכב
mercury rules in geminimercury rules in virgo
mercury is also exalted in virgo
mercury is in detriment in sagittariusmercury is in detriment in pisces
mercury also falls in pisces

Mercury is the smallest planet in the known solar system and also closest to the sun.  This planet is named for the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, who travelled at the speed of thought, appropriate here since Mercury's orbital period is the shortest of the known solar planets (88 days).  Mercury's astrological orientation is thought to influence one's intellectual aspects, and like the other six planets in traditional astology, it rules at least one astrological sign and falls in one sign.  This generally means that the planet's influence is exerted most strongly when found in the signs which it rules, but most feebly when in the sign of its fall.

The zodiacal colour of the planet Mercury is yellow, but orange is the colour of Mercury's associated kabbalistic sefirah (divine emanation), Hod (Splendour).  Mercury (L:  hydrargyrum; Heb:  kespith) is the alchemical metal associated with the planet Mercury.

The day of the week assigned to Mercury is Wednesday, whose Anglish name is derived from the Norse god Odin (Woden), god of wisdom.  In Romance languages, this day is assigned to Mercury:

Spanish:  miércoles
French:  mercredi
Old Anglish:  Wodensdæg

Mercurial Planetary attributes
diameter (km) 4880
mass (kg) 3.30 x 1023
density (g/cm3) 5.43
surface gravity (g) 0.378
escape velocity (km/s) 4.44
atmosphere none
category terrestrial
surface temp (avg) K 90 - 700 (400)
orbital properties
distance from sun (km)
  average 57 910 000
  perihelion 46 000 000
  aphelion 70 000 000
axial obliquity
rotational period 58 d 14 h 24 m
orbital period 87 d 23 h 17 m
orbital eccentricity 0.21
ecliptic inclination
mean orbital velocity (km/s) 47.87