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Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, and named for the Roman god of war.  It is also called the “red planet,” because of its ruddy hue.  It has a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, and traces of oxygen and water vapour.  Astrologically, Mars is believed to influence one's various strengths.

The zodiacal colour of Mars is red, as is the colour of its corresponding kabbalistic sefirah (divine emanation), Gevurah (Judgement).  Iron (L:  ferrum; Heb:  barzal) is the metal affiliated with Mars.

The day of the week corresponding to Mars is Tuesday, whose Anglish name is derived from the Norse god of war, Tiw.  In Romance languages, the day is assigned to Mars:

Spanish:  martes
French:  mardi
Old Anglish:  Tiwesdæg

Martian Planetary attributes
diameter (km) 6794
mass (kg) 6.42 x 1023
density (g/cm3) 3.93
surface gravity (g) 0.377
escape velocity (km/s) 5.03
atmosphere CO2, N2, Ar, trace O2 & H2O
category terrestrial
surface temp (avg) K 140 - 300 (218)
orbital properties
distance from sun (km) 227 940 000
axial obliquity 25.19°
rotational period 01 d 00 h 43 m
orbital period 1 y 321 d 23 h 31 m
orbital eccentricity 0.09
ecliptic inclination 1.85°
mean orbital velocity (km/s) 24.13