The Etz h'Chayim, or Tree of Life, is the central construct found in virtually all kabbalistic studies regarding Ma'aseh-Berashith (the Work of Creation).  Although through the generations the details regarding the structure of this Tree may have changed somewhat, the fundamental concepts regarding its form and significance have not.

The Etz h'Chayim is characterised as a geometric construct, consisting of 10 stations or emanations, called “sefiroth” (sing., sefirah), and exactly 22 interconnecting paths which join several of these sefiroth with one another.  These 22 paths represent the relationships between the sefiroth which they connect, and each of these paths parallels one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alef-beth.  This site contains information regarding the mystical significance of each of the 10 sefiroth and the 22 interconnecting paths.

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