In the study of Kabbalah, mention is made of four realms of divinity, which characterise the general divisions of existence in terms of sanctity with respect to the Creator.

The highest realm of divinity is that of Adam Qadmon (Primordial Man).  This Plane is the Horizon of the Eternal, inhabited by the sefiroth, the Divine Emanations which together comprise the Body of Adam Qadmon.  They alone have the infinite constitution necessary to abide upon this, the loftiest height.  It is from here the powers of the sefiroth resonate through the 4 lower divine realms.

The second realm of divinity is that of Atsiluth (Emanation), or “nearness”.  The Plane is the Throne of the Arikh Anpin, inhabited by the ten Divine Names of the sefiroth.  It is through these Names that God wields the Crook of Creation and the Lamen of Destruction, the power over the totality of existence, both spiritual and physical.

The third realm of divinity is that of Beryah, the Realm of Creation.  This Plane is the Infinitely Expansive Sea of Light, inhabited by the Archangels —  not merely angel Chieftains, but Potentates of the highest cosmic order.  Here these Archangels wield control over forces of cosmic upheaval, tirelessly and faithfully executing His divine will.

The fourth realm of divinity is that of Yetzirah, the Realm of Formation.  This Plane is the Swirling Primæval Whirlwind, the Frontier of the Verge of Creation.  This realm is inhabited by the choirs of heavenly creatures which oversee various aspects of physical reality, such as fundamentals of gravity and motion, of physics and metaphysics, &c.

The fifth and lowest realm of divinity is that of Asiyah (Action).  This Plane is that of the Physical Universe, where the Divine Energies of Creation have precipitated into the density and tangibility of “reality”.  This realm is inhabited by the planets and other denizens of the Cosmos, where all things are subject to the laws enacted by the agents of Creation and Formation.  In this regard is the Universe as we know it inherently feminine in character, being subservient to the fundamentals of physics which afford it its present structure and form.

Adam Qadmon illumines all of the four lower Planes of Divinity.  It is only by the reflection of this Light downwards into Atsiluth, and from there reflected downwards into Beryah, then downwards into Yetsirah, and so forth unto Asiyah, that the Realms of Divinity are illumined.  All light which we shall ever see while we are here is reflected light, in some way or another.  Even a light “source” in the physical realm receives its “light” from yet another, more divine source.