In the reporting of this statistical information, one will notice the inclusion of tribal chiefs.  The tribal chiefs, given in the account of the first census (Ba-Midbar, chapter 1), are given here below:

Tribe Chief
Reuven Elizur ben-Shedeur
Shimeon Shelumiel ben-Zurishaddai
Gad Eliasaf ben-Deuel
Yehudah Nachshon ben-Amminadab
Issachar Nethanel ben-Zuar
Zevulun Eliav ben-Chelon
Efra'im Elishama ben-Ammihud
Menashe Gamaliel ben-Pedahzur
Benyamin Avidan ben-Gideoni
Dan Achiezer ben-Ammishaddai
Asher Pagiel ben-Ochran
Naftali Achira ben-Enan

Additionally, tribal representation was observed in other matters involving the whole of the Children of Yisra'el, such as the appointment by Mosheh of the first spies to reconnoiter the Land of Qena'an, as given in Ba-Midbar, chapter 13.  These men are listed here:

Tribe Spy
Reuven Shammua ben-Zakkur
Shimeon Shafat ben-Chori
Gad Geuel ben-Makhi
Yehudah Kalev ben-Yefunneh
Issachar Yighal ben-Yosef
Zevulun Gadiel ben-Sodhi
Efra'im Hoshea ben-Nun
Menashe Gaddi ben-Susi
Benyamin Palti ben-Rafu
Dan Ammiel ben-Gemalli
Asher Sethur ben-Mikha'el
Naftali Nachbi ben-Vofsi

All but two of these spies —  Hoshea ben-Nun (called Yehoshua by Mosheh) and Kalev ben-Yefunneh —  returned an evil report on the Land of Qena'an which they surveyed.  Yehoshua and Kalev returned an encouraging report regarding the inherent wealth of the land and also expressed faith in YHWH for strength and support.  For their faith and trust in YHWH, these two alone survived of the twelve spies, when the iniquitous of their generation were exterminated over the forty-year period of wandering in the wilderness.